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Feel the difference with HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Revolutionize water drinking with HydroCube™ Hot & Cold Water Dispenser NP 3310
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Drink up with the best you can get.
Brimming with quality water goodness, HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water’s 4 rewarding qualities of Alkaline Water, Antioxidant Water, Smaller Water Molecule Cluster Size and Energy Water help to alkalize body, slow down oxidation, hydrate better while also keeping the body energised, revitalized and well-balanced with enhanced detoxification.
Old Rules, Redefined! Giving you more Time & Space
Novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP 3310 is a fun, compact and functional unit for your home and office! Not your regular water dispenser, NP 3310 makes a statement with its 6 exciting colour choices and sleek design you will love! Get extra time on hand and much needed extra space while enjoying quality water and savings at the same time!

Feel the power with AirCare Pro™ Air Sterilizer NAS 6000
Redefine Garment Care with NOVITA Garment Steamers
Perfecting air quality the way it should be.
Driven by the QuadSystem™ Technology, NOVITA AirCare Pro™ Air Sterilizer NAS 6000 supports superior air purification, sterilization and surface sanitization for effective elimination of airborne and surface-bound contaminants. With the combination of advanced HEPA & UV purification, negative ions and controlled ozone, leave NAS 6000 to work while you are in the room or away for clean air and beyond today, everyday.
Tired of spending long hours ironing and inevitably
creating shine marks and burnt prints on your clothes?

NOVITA Garment Steamers take extra care of your clothing with 4 rewarding qualities - no damage to fabrics, gentle on delicate fabrics, protect fabrics & effective for fabrics with tricky details. Your garment care evolution starts with NOVITA Garment Steamers today, everyday.


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