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Humidifier | novita Singapore


Everyone deserves a healthy body and mind and one of the ways to cultivate a healthy lifestyle is through the simple act of breathing well.

At NOVITA, our innovative products are specially designed to enhance the quality of air, making sure that you and your family enjoys the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

So, look forward to improved sleep, greater comfort, better skin and healthier living as you breathe well with NOVITA Humidifiers today!


Why do I need a NOVITA Humidifier?

Dry air has extremely detrimental effects on the human body. Waking up with a blocked nose, dry skin and dry throat is common occurrence whenever you sleep in an air-conditioned room. This is due to the drastic change of the humidity level in the air.

NOVITA Humidifier is designed to counteract this problem by adding back the desired moisture in the air to help create the ideal humidity level for your comfort. It works to reduce or prevent problems like electrostatic shocks, dry throat, sore eyes, blocked nose and even respiratory and skin problems like Asthma and Eczema. The gentle fine mist that is released reduces your dry air problems and gives you improved sleep, greater comfort, better skin and healthier living! Choose from our 3 different models to suit your individual needs.

How does the NOVITA Humidifier work?


Where can I use a NOVITA Humidifier?

Residential Spaces
bedroom Bedroom Living Room Living Room Study room Study room
Commercial Spaces
Office Office Beauty & wellness centre Beauty &
wellness centre
Hospital Hospital


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